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With the widespread presence of mobile devices and mobile applications and the new marketing possibilities offered by mobile markets, more and more hotels recognize the need for appearing on mobile markets (Android, Windows and iOS) with a mobile application of their own.

The SmartHotelInfo application is a mobile application framework developed by myApps.hu for hotels with the help of which you can create a custom application suitable for your hotel in a cost-efficient way. The purpose of the app is to present the services offered by the hotel, the local sights, and useful information such as contact details, location of post offices, pharmacies, and ATMs. Moreover, the app provides a modern, convenient and quick solution for the online communication between guests and the hotel reception.

What do you get with the application?

A unique application that reflects the style of your hotel. Apart from the general information and description of the hotel, you can create daily deals and offers for your guests with only a few clicks. You can present the types of rooms, the services of your hotel, and the optional leisure possibilities. Guests may register to flash deals or services from anywhere (e.g. bowling game booking, city sightseeing tour, fitness group).

Possibility to send push notifications

With the help of push notifications, short messages can be sent to the users of your app. Push notifications, like SMS notifications, are received instantly.
Would you like to organize a city tour? Create a daily deal and send out a push notification to your guests. Your guests will be able to express their intentions to attend even while sunbathing at the side of the pool. Did you create an offer? Add your offer to the daily deals, send out a message and instantly inform your guests about it. Your guests can immediately read the message and even respond whether they would like to participate.

Development possibilities

Through the SmartHotelInfo framework we can develop a custom application for you. We develop the application to reflect the same style as your hotel and publish it on all three platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). For the management of information, we provide your colleagues a web-based editing platform. On this platform you can create personal newsfeeds for guests and daily offers, you can check the availability of services and send out instant messages.

The benefits of the SmartHotelInfo application compared to a website

The application continues to exist even after your guests have left, allowing your hotel a continuous presence on the phone of your guests.
If the application helped your guests to quickly and conveniently handle their bookings and orders, they will leave with a positive impression about your hotel.
Mobile markets are a new potential market as the logo of your hotel will be shown on all three mobile markets.
On the online editing platform you can quickly and cost-efficiently update the contents of the application.
You can send push notifications about offers and news related to your hotel.



Our offer contains the following services:

aq_block_1-Design concept

Design concept

The design of the appearance and functions of the app, as well as the customization of the design elements and planning of the graphic elements

aq_block_1-Content uploading

Content uploading

Uploading of texts and images to the editing platform. Configuring the functions of the app. Adding GPS data and travel routes. Creation of voice materials and translations.

aq_block_1-Publishing on mobile markets

Publishing on mobile markets

Publishing on Android, Windows and iOS mobile markets. Creation of marketing elements, banners and leaflets.

aq_block_1-Support services, editing system

Support services, editing system

Providing support for mobile users and handling requests and reports of users on the mobile markets. Providing an online editing platform for the staff of the hotel.



Hotel Balance Lenti

Letöltés marketről:

The Thermal Hotel Balance**** Lenti is located in the western part of Zala County in a modern environment, yet close to nature. Near the Hotel, there is the Lenti Thermal Spa and the St. George Energypark.
Due to the hotel’s favorable location, visitors from Slovenia, Croatia and Austria can approach it easily.

Download our free app and learn everything about the hotel and its services, and be the first to find out about their latest deals and offers.

App features:

  • information about hotel services
  • request a quote or book your room online
  • quick availability
  • news
  • sights
  • event calendar
  • POI collection
  • push notifications
  • continously updated offers and deals

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